Calling Museum Educators: Your Input Needed

After three years of researching ‘how does teacher education provided by historic sites affect teachers’ professional growth?’ we have an enormous amount of data that the research team is still processing. coque samsung galaxy a10 noir Initial findings suggest implications for program evaluation, the individual programs, how teachers interact with difficult history, and more. iphone xs coque antichoc However, it is our goal to have this research not only be interesting but useful to our fellow museum educators. coque samsung s8 olaf We are looking for how we can share our “insites” on who teachers are as learners and best practices for facilitating teacher learning in ways that will be practical and accessible. coque samsung s9 clapet In order to make that happen, we’d like to know more about 1) teacher professional development programs currently offered by history sites and museums and 2) the resources museum educators use to develop these programs. coque samsung s8 matte Help us out by completing this brief survey, and sending it along to colleagues at other sites and museums engaged in offering teacher professional development.



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